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About Our Dental Office in Columbia, TN

Our Columbia, Tennessee dental office offers a place where patients will receive personalized dental care, friendly service, a relationship-based approach, and patient-centered care. We don’t focus on how many patients we can see in a day; instead, we focus on giving you the best dental care possible in a modern clinical environment. Our experienced team, including Dr. Alex Goodman, are committed to the community and have honed their skills over the years to make sure that you and your family receive optimal attention to your oral health.

Our office is equipped with various dental technologies, including intraoral cameras, digital X-rays, and the Guru patient education system. With intraoral cameras and digital X-rays, we can look for signs of tooth decay, infection, and damage with greater efficiency. Intraoral cameras offer a great deal of magnification, allowing us to see tiny spots of possible damage that we might miss with the naked eye, and we can also show you the images to help you better understand what we’re describing when we talk about your oral health. Digital X-rays are great because they don’t expose patients to high levels of radiation, and they display the images on screens, preventing the need for X-ray film and toxic chemicals. This also means that you get to see the X-ray images much more quickly because we don’t have to wait of them to develop.

Guru patient education software provides information about a variety of oral health problems and treatment options in easy-to-understand presentations. We use this technology to help our patients get the education needed to be savvy about your oral health.

We also take great pride in offering a comfortable dental office environment. We offer pillows and blankets, which especially come in handy when patients are undergoing longer procedures. We also offer nitrous oxide, or laughing gas. With nitrous oxide we can induce feelings of relaxation and euphoria to take the edge off any stress, anxiety, or discomfort during your treatment.

Our office also sees dental emergencies, so contact us for immediate care whenever you or a member of your family experiences an injury or loses a dental restoration.

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