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Periodontal Therapy in Columbia, TN

Happy senior couple smiling togetherGum disease effects more than 50% of US adults, and it’s the leading cause of tooth loss in patients over the age of 35. This common oral health concern begins as a mild discomfort, but left untreated, gum disease can do extensive damage to patients’ oral and overall health. At Goodman Family Dentistry, we include screenings for periodontal disease as an essential part of every preventive dentistry checkup. One of the early warning signs of gum disease is the expansion of space between the teeth and gums. By closely monitoring the depth of the pockets between teeth and gums from appointment to appointment, we’re able to diagnose and treat gum disease in the earliest stages.

What is Gum Disease?

Periodontal (gum) disease occurs when plaque and tartar build up at the gum line, irritating and destroying soft tissue. As healthy gum tissue is destroyed, the pockets between teeth grow, allowing further buildup of plaque and tartar and the continued breakdown of soft tissue. In the early stages of the disease (also known as gingivitis), symptoms are mild and may go unnoticed by patients. This is why maintaining regular checkups is so important to preventing oral health concerns. Left untreated, gingivitis develops into the more severe stage known as periodontitis. In the advanced stages, gum disease leads to a number of adverse effects. We encourage patients to call our office right away if they experience any of the common symptoms of gum disease, including:

  • Bleeding while brushing, flossing, or chewing
  • Soft tissue pain or irritation
  • Swelling or infection in the gums
  • Red, purple, or otherwise discolored gums
  • Chronic bad breath that is not improved after cleaning
  • Teeth that feel loose or a bite that does not fit together comfortably

In addition to adversely affecting oral health, periodontal disease has been linked to a number of whole body health concerns. Patients with diabetes and other immune compromising health conditions are at increased risk to develop periodontal disease, and gum disease treatments are less effective for these patients. Heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure have also been linked to gum disease. Expecting mothers have an increased risk for gum disease, and those who suffer from gum disease are more likely to experience premature birth.

Periodontal Therapy Options

We offer a number of treatment options for every stage of gum disease, from mild gingivitis to the most advanced periodontitis. These include:

  • Frequent cleanings : In most cases, gingivitis can be effectively treated with more frequent professional cleanings at our practice.
  • Scaling : This is the systematic removal of plaque and tartar buildup below the gum line and damaged gum tissue to promote healing and restored oral health.
  • Root planing : The tooth roots are smoothed to prevent future buildup of plaque and tartar and reduce risk for further damage from gum disease.
  • Antibiotic therapy : Bacteria in the mouth produces plaque, so by reducing the amount of bacteria in the mouth, we can reduce the risk for further periodontal damage.

Contact Us to Learn More About Periodontal Therapy

If you’ve noticed any of the warning signs of periodontal therapy, don’t hesitate to contact Goodman Family Dentistry. Dr. Alex Goodman and his dedicated dentistry team are happy to answer your questions or schedule an appointment.