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Dental Insurance – Columbia, TN

Affordable Dentistry for Every Budget

A woman wearing a red blouse and lying back in the dentist’s chair preparing for her appointment which she will pay for using dental insurance in Columbia

At Goodman Family Dentistry, our team understands that dental work of any kind can be expensive and out of reach for many. Instead of feeling as if you need to empty your bank account to undergo a complex or even a minor treatment, you’ll be pleased to know that Dr. Goodman is in-network with many dental insurance companies and virtually accepts all other major plans. Also, we’ll go the extra mile to ensure your visit is stress-free by helping you maximize your benefits as well as file any necessary paperwork and claims on your behalf. Let us help you take advantage of your dental insurance in Columbia. When calling our office to schedule an appointment, let us know which plan you have and let us get to work to find ways to help you save. Contact us today!

How Dental Insurance Works

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Dental insurance is designed similarly to other types of insurance (i.e., health, car, etc.) in that you, the policy owner, are expected to pay a monthly fee in exchange for the benefits you receive. But there are some key points to remember, including:

  • Most policies are based on a calendar year, which means your benefits will not roll over at the end of the year. Instead, they will renew on January 1, forcing your deductible to return to $0.
  • You must meet your deductible before your insurance company will agree to pay more for any minor or major restorative service you receive.
  • Your annual maximum is a designated amount of money provided to you by your insurance company. This is the most they will agree to pay in a single year.

Since most insurers agree to cover between 80-100% of preventive care, it is highly recommended that you keep your six-month dental checkups and cleanings, as these will be of little-to-no cost to you, and you’ll likely stave off more serious problems in the future.

What is the Difference Between Dental and Medical Insurance?

Although the two may seem interchangeable, they are most certainly not. Dental insurance is designed to act as a preventive type of insurance. This is why they will agree to cover more for your checkups and cleanings, fluoride treatments, dental X-rays, etc. Companies want you to avoid root canals, tooth extractions, dental crowns, and periodontal therapy. Why? Because they can avoid paying more. If more money is left in your annual maximum at the end of the year, it returns to your insurance company, which ultimately causes you to lose valuable money that is rightfully yours.

Medical (health) insurance is the opposite. While you may have some form of coverage for a general wellness checkup, your insurance company will step in and pay much more for surgeries, hospitalizations, X-rays, etc. Medical insurance is designed to help you after a problem has occurred (i.e., broken arm, pregnancy, testing).

In-Network vs. Out of Network

A male patient wearing a blue button-down shirt and smiling while his dental hygienist sits nearby and smiles

What do “in-network” and “out of network” mean? When looking at your plan, the deductible, premium, and annual maximum will likely be different. The benefits (coverage) will also vary, and you’ll notice that you’ll pay much less seeing a professional who is in-network with your insurance plan.

In-Network Coverage

Dr. Goodman is an in-network provider with Delta Dental, UMR, and BlueCross BlueShield. However, he is pleased to welcome all other major plans to help individuals get the care they need at an affordable rate. By contracting with these specific companies, Dr. Goodman can ensure you are paying the least amount for the services you receive.

Out of Network

If you choose to see someone who is out of network with your individual plan, there is the possibility you will pay more but still receive the same great, high-quality dentistry. Nonetheless, Dr. Goodman and our team will file paperwork and claims no matter if we are considered in-network or out of network.